Executive Search

Executive Search

In an Era of changing work dynamics and heavy competition, it is imperative for every organization to identify and retain the right type of talent to lead the company. But it is no less than a Herculean task for firms in recruiting, staffing and training for Leadership/Executive positions. Amidst all other operations and deadlines within the company, these tasks can be easily overlooked or done shabbily resulting in underperforming employees, declining motivation, wasted resources, time and money.

Madhees offers well-defined, committed and time productive leadership hiring solutions customized to your requirements in identifying and building the right talent to lead your organization through our exclusive Executive Snapshot process.

Our momentous Four Dimensional Executive Assessment gives the most comprehensive point of view available today – covering competitors’ skills, their identity attributes, what drives them, and also the encounters that are adjusted to the part. Our database is profound and market knowledge is up to date. Our diagnostics depend on 7 million applicant profiles and 4.4 million evaluation records traversing industry, work, and authoritative level enabling us to find the right candidate to suit your needs.


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