HR Process Outsourcing



HR Process Outsourcing

HR Process OutSourcing:

Haven’t got the time, expertise or resources to complete your policies, procedures & contracts? We can do them for you! 

Madhees can provide you with the option of taking away all of the hassle, additional work, and cost associated with the development of your policies, procedures, and contracts.

We have ready-made content that you can use off-the-shelf or we can design a set of policies, procedures, and contracts that are unique to you that are developed around your specific requirements and needs.

Madhees HR process outsourcing can help you by taking care of all of your core requirements that allows you to concentrate on growing your company’s profitability and productivity.

Our quality services range from Benchmarking of HR Strategies & Practices to HR Audit, Change Management to Climate Survey. A request will start the process and we put you on the right professional to understand the uniqueness of your industry and requirements, tackle the possible issues and hurdles and deliver the results to your satisfaction and our pleasure. 

The HR Solutions from Madhees are tailor-made to suit every business need and designed to be cost-efficient. We have the quantity and quality to work on the core HR Issues and Process. The following are some of the services that we offer to the organizations.

Madhees HR Process Outsourcing

  • HR audit
  • HR policy manual design
  • HR Initial Kit
  • Organization structure design
  • Documentation
  • Competency mapping
  • Assessment Center
  • Compensation & Benefit Management
  • Preparing of KRA / KPI’s
  • Performance Management Systems etc.
Madhees HR Process Outsourcing


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