HR Training and Development



HR Training and Development

Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival How efficient are your operations/ deliveries????? 

An organization’s HR training and development activities are effective only if they have a measurable positive impact on the organization’s performance. We at Madhees believe that be it an Organization or an Individual which refuses to learn ceases to earn. Training has become the integral part of the major people development policy in every industry.

It may be IT or Non IT, every industry depends on the people skills by the end. So the present industry has made training into a process. 

It has become an integral part of the company’s strategy. A classic workshop of ours spotlights on the organizational goals and maps the employees goals with it. We focus on the knowledge, skill and awareness necessary to allow the transition of the group into a self-motivated, highly effective and a positive force.

We have excellent resources, knowledge and the skills to run training as a project, which could include:

  • Training Need Analysis (TNA )
  • Designing Need based Training Programs
  • Ensuring Transference of learning to workplace
  • Invitations to and registration of participants
  • Designing Software support to track training performance
  • Certification of the participants
  • Post training follow-up calls and memos.
We at Madhees become the virtual training center, which provides quality programs to support the strategic objectives of the organization; while addressing the HR training and development needs to enhance individual performance.
We at Madhees believe in the scientific approach to create the training modules after doing the Training need analysis. This helps in addressing the core needs of the target group. Some of our training programs are:


  • Mentoring in the Workplace
  • People Management
  • Reviewing & rewarding the staff performance.
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving / decision making
  • Team building
  • Sales Marketing and Customer Service
  • Sates Negotiation
  • Effective Communication
  • Understanding communication process
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Field Sales
  • Behavioral Development
  • Training and Assessment Systems
  • Effective Workplace Relationships


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