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Job Title: Principle Software Architect

Job Description :

We are hiring Principle Software Architect with a minimum of 12+ years of software engineering development experience background working with developing cloud-based enterprise solutions.

Number Of Posts: 4

Job Type : Full Time

Job Location: Hyderabad

Salary : Negotiable

Experience : 12-18 Years

Required Skills :

  • Good in multi threading, algorithms and complex problem solving skills
  • Advanced design, debugging and coding skills
  • Must know how to code applications on Unix/Linux based systems*
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Encourage and use experimentation as a tool to achieve continuous improvement of team performance. 
  • Support design and refactoring through rapid prototyping and experimentation during research and refactor spikes. 
  • Write and maintain documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections.
  • Participate in self-directed learning activities aimed at developing deep expertise within technical domain, including reading relevant publications, participating in domain forums or groups etc. 
  • Have a deep understanding of context within which our products are being developed, deployed and used. 
  • Have a solid understanding of the user personas for the product within the technical domain and deep empathy for the needs of those users. 
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to understand complexities and how components connect and relate to each other
  • Strong leadership skills; Coaching and mentoring skills. 
  • Technical expert with in-depth programming and product knowledge and strong technical skills combined with project management and leadership ability. 
  • Passionate, curious, open to new ideas with the ability to pick up new technologies

Mandatory Qualifications :

  • Architecture Experience & Java, Springs, Web services, Angular/React, Javascript, SQL, Microservices, UI Front Javascript
  • Strong knowledge in working with REST API*, Web services and SAML* integrations 
  • Experience working with Postgres, Redis, Cassandra, Elasticsearch 
  • Experience in programming languages (Java*, Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript*, HTML5*, CSS*)
  • Experience with frameworks (Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails)
  • Experience in Javascript frameworks (Node.js*, React*, Redux, Angular, Express.js)
  • Experience with DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, AWS) 
  • Experience in UI Test frameworks (CasperJS, PhantomJS, Mocha, Jasmine, JEST, Selenium, etc.) 
  • Experience with code versioning tools, preferably Git (Github, Gitlab, etc) and the feature branch workflow
  • Experience with automation tools like Maven, Gradle, NPM, WebPack, Grunt
  • Experience in working with Agile/Scrum environment*.
  • BE or MCA or equivalent preferred


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